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( Excerpt: CamperVans 02/2024 )
Lightweight LiFePO4 batteries as an alternative to heavy lead-acid starter batteries:

"LiFePO4 batteries have enormous potential, even as starter batteries - and the key data make you sit up and take notice...
The cold-start current is up to 2,000 amps and the weight of a LiFePO4 battery with 100 Ah is just 12.3 kilograms!
It is, believe it or not, just half of an AGM battery. If LiFePO4 batteries were to be accused of a disadvantage, it would be their limited performance at temperatures below five degrees. Depending on the model, the discharge and charging characteristics are not optimal. And starter batteries in motorhomes in particular are usually installed in the engine compartment of the camper or under the floor and are therefore exposed to the freezing cold in winter. And cold is rarely a battery's best friend. Conventional wet or AGM batteries also lose a lot of performance when deep-frozen - which regularly means that an ageing starter battery usually breaks down completely in winter. Nevertheless, they were and still are the first choice for the starting process. Still.
"You can't quite compare the high-performance cells of the LiFePO4 starter battery with the cells of our supply batteries for motorhomes."
explains Frederic Dietze, Managing Director of LITEWERKS engineering.

( Excerpt: ProMobil 03/2024 )

"A lot has happened in the RV secondary battery and smart battery sector, and in 2024 many manufacturers are continuing their efforts to further expand the product range. We show innovations.

LITE BLOX has its origins in motorsport and lightweight construction, but is also increasingly dedicated to camping.
In addition to lightweight lithium starter batteries for motorhomes, there is now also a "Store" series with body batteries.
The unique selling point of the manufacturer from Constance is the wide range of BMS and app control functions.
The starter batteries can be used as an immobilizer via the app, for example, or switched off completely to minimize discharge during longer periods of downtime..."