Your revolutionary car battery...

saves up to 20kg


your vehicle survives


is intelligent & can be switched off


protects against vehicle theft


communicates with us


delivers what it promises

Innovative lightweight construction

As a German manufacturer with its own development, production & customer service in accordance with ISO:9001
we place the highest demands on our patented, technology-leading products.
LITE↯BLOX - a paradigm shift in the area of weight saving:

Smart battery management

Every LITE↯BLOX has a smart battery management system (BMS),
which effectively protects the battery cells from overload and
Your smartphone can be controlled remotely with two innovative features:

  • I.K.O.S. - Intelligent Kill Operation Switch [ Disconnector ]
    Simple disconnection & effective protection in the event of overload + Deep sleep mode for vehicle service life >1 year without recharging
  • A.V.A.T. - Active Vehicle Anti Theft [ Anti-theft device ]
    Consumers continue to be powered & as soon as an unauthorized start is made, the LITE↯BLOX immediately disconnects the starter current
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Comprehensive support

Our LITE↯BLOX are equipped with our smart battery management system with wireless interface *,
in which the units in the field can be monitored via app and serviced remotely if necessary.
On this basis, we offer comprehensive after-sales support for all our products and also support you with installation and commissioning.

Innovative product design

Developed according to the maxim "form follows function", our high performance accumulators are
consistently designed for extreme lightweight construction using the highest quality materials.
Our patented housing concept made from a special CFRP/foam sandwich
decouples the LiFePo4 battery cells and thus reduces their wear
for maximum safety & service life - even under extreme conditions.

suitable for YOUR application

Since their market launch in 2014, our LITE↯BLOX have been setting new standards in weight optimization for vehicles of all kinds.
Consistently developed as a fully-fledged replacement for the heavy & technologically outdated lead-acid "car battery".
Whether racing car, everyday use or motorhome - we have the right LiFePO4 lithium car battery for YOUR application...