Litchfield Motors Nissan GT-R LM1 RS

The Litchfield Motors LM1 RS is now finished & currently being displayed at the “Festival Of Speed” on the Alcon stand.
The GTR has a full custom loom connecting all powered by the carbon ultra lite 1,1kg LITEBLOX LB11XX battery. It is wearing some new prototype Dymag Performance Wheels which are 40% lighter than the OEM alloys and looks incredible.
The road registered GTR now weights in the low 14XX kgs & has a 4 figure HP output with GT3 levels of aero.
Once UK testing is complete it will be handed off to Ohlins Racing at the Nurburgring for a custom suspension package and setup tuned to the special requirements that the Green Hell demands.
All involved are very excited with the final finish and are looking forward to achieving a #SUB7 full lap of the Nordschleife…


LITEBLOX spart 16kg Gewicht im BBM Motorsport Golf

Unser neuer Partner BBM Motorsport hat seine VW Golf V Clubsport mit einem unserer Produkte ausgestattet & das Ganze auf Video festgehalten…


Die Kombination aus LITEBLOX LB19XX & Adapterplatte spart in diesem Fahrzeug knapp 20kg Gewicht zur original Fahrzeugbatterie auf der Vorderachse & das bei einer Einbauzeit von unter 5 Minuten…

Die gesamte LITEBLOX-Produktpalette ist ab sofort im Onlineshop von BBM zu bestellen.